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Catching up…

I realize my blogging has not been as active as earlier…. I am kindarealbusy preparing a new venture that I will be able to share really soon… but in the meantime, here are some updates!

-After the “Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon” Photo Essay, the New York Daily news featured a little piece on their Running Dialogue section about my project! (read full piece)

-The latest “New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography” t-shirt is available now at Local Collection at the Glendale Gallery and online soon. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the making of:

Making shirts at Grow Your Own Media Labs...

California Home + Design Magazine

-Also…on Newsstands now the Nov/Dec issue of California Home + Design with a cover photo by yours truly + whyrhymer.

Also inside the Magazine:

-2010 Hit List: Glass Series No. 4 Lamp by Brandon Morrison

-2010 Hit List: Kalifornia Rocker by Brandon Morrison


California Homes Magazine

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Sept 2010 Issue


Check out the Sept 2010 Issue of California Homes Magazine for a new Toky Photography tearsheet. Featuring the awesome work of Brandon Morrison of whyrHymer. I’ve know Brandon for many years and have photographed his Furniture & Lamps for a long time. His eye for detail in his furniture photos has influenced my still life and product photography and has helped me work with other designers (in different disciplines) with a better understanding of what they (designers) are after when their 3D creations/pieces need to become 2D digital images for promotions, websites, line-sheets, etc…

Aside from that, I’ve collaborated with Brandon extensively in other projects, such as the Music Videos we’ve been directing recently. Also, you might recognize him as “The Furniture Maker” from my photo series of that name. Make sure you pick up a copy of the magazine and read the article.

In the meantime you can visit his website: (make sure to check out the video section for some cool videos Brandon has made)

and you can follow him on Twitter @whyrhymer


California Homes Magazine September 2010 issue. Photo by: Toky Photography.... (Look B!, you finally made it to the "September issue"... okay... "a September issue ;-)"


The Advocate “Forty Under 40”

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This month’s The Advocate features their yearly “Forty under 40” list and it’s led by Chad Griffin who I had the pleasure of photographing for the cover.

The Advocate May 2010

From The Advocate May 2010

Forty Under 40: Chad Griffin

He’s aggressive, calculating, and determined to end inequality for gay and lesbian couples once and for all. This is why Chad Griffin, mastermind of the federal lawsuit against Proposition 8, is the new face of the marriage movement.

By Andrew Harmon


The Hunter Allen trail northwest of Los Angeles is the sort of low-impact hike suited for an elderly couple or a birder in search of house wrens and red-tailed hawks circling above—up to a point, that is. About a quarter of a mile in, the path veers up a barren ridge toward a series of high-ceilinged caves. It’s a steep ascent but one rewarded by a sweeping vista in a break at the summit. From here, decades’ worth of Southern…

[Read the entire article at the website]

I have other images on the magazine but my copy hasn’t arrived yet so in the meantime this snapshot from their website:

Photos: Toky Photography/Wonderful Machine

Grooming: Sundeep Morrison

One Nation Magazine Profile

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Head over to One Nation Magazine and check out a nice interview/profile they did with yours truly.

Check it out at:

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Handmade in L.A/Art Streiber.

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My bff, Brandon, aka know as “The Furniture Maker” for people who follow this blog… is featured in the December issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

Brandon invited me to tag along to his photoshoot with Art Streiber. I met Art 4 years ago when I interviewed to be his assistant (and wasn’t hired btw… thanks Art!) but I ended up assisiting him inderectly  when I worked as an intern at his agency (Montage) for a little less than a year. I remember one time one of the agents saw my book and she told me that she could tell that seeing Art’s work on a constant basis was influencing my work a little bit.

Art is one of the greats and someone who I know is very inspiring to a lot of emerging photographers. Being at his shoot where he was photographing my friend was a treat and a little bit of a “full circle” moment. The end result is this:

Los Angeles Magazine. December 2009.

A shout-out and thanks to Mr. Streiber!