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Sept 2010 Issue


Check out the Sept 2010 Issue of California Homes Magazine for a new Toky Photography tearsheet. Featuring the awesome work of Brandon Morrison of whyrHymer. I’ve know Brandon for many years and have photographed his Furniture & Lamps for a long time. His eye for detail in his furniture photos has influenced my still life and product photography and has helped me work with other designers (in different disciplines) with a better understanding of what they (designers) are after when their 3D creations/pieces need to become 2D digital images for promotions, websites, line-sheets, etc…

Aside from that, I’ve collaborated with Brandon extensively in other projects, such as the Music Videos we’ve been directing recently. Also, you might recognize him as “The Furniture Maker” from my photo series of that name. Make sure you pick up a copy of the magazine and read the article.

In the meantime you can visit his website: (make sure to check out the video section for some cool videos Brandon has made)

and you can follow him on Twitter @whyrhymer


California Homes Magazine September 2010 issue. Photo by: Toky Photography.... (Look B!, you finally made it to the "September issue"... okay... "a September issue ;-)"



New Website, New Marathon Photo Essay, New Music Video!

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New stuff to share:

-Check out my new website!

The new

I was in the mood for something simpler, cleaner, easier to navigate and load. I -loved- my old website, but this new one navigates much better and it’s better organized. Please check it out.

-On the new site, check out my new work. There are new images in almost every section: Advertising, Beauty, Editorial, Fashion & Music. Also a new series: En Noir et Blanc. (love love love… hope you will too)

-On the new site as well, check out the new music video! (you can also see it on my Vimeo or Youtube)

-Last but not least, for all my running buddies and readers… I’m gearing up for my next Marathon/Photo Essay: October 17th in Long Beach! Cannot. Wait. So. Excited. I’m trying to make it to Chicago as well on October 10. But depends on $. We shall see.

-The Long Beach Marathon photo essay will be posted at the Spirit of the Marathon Photo Essay website on October 19th. I have lots of goodies planned for that photo essay, so stay tuned.

I hope you all had a great summer….



San Francisco Marathon… this Sunday.

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Make sure you stop by the blog this Sunday/Monday for a full report & photo essay from San Francisco. I’m doing another photo essay like the one I did back in March for the LA Marathon (check that one out here).

Thanks to the lovely folks at the SF Marathon for this opportunity.

In the meantime here’s a little collage of pics from the LA Marathon.

LA Marathon 2010

Remember “Fashion Photography”?

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Dress: Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier

Dress: Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier

Dress: Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier

Dress: Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier

Some new shots I just did for Mon Atelier. What ever happened to this style of Fashion Photography?!

I’m bringing it back!

The Spirit of the Marathon

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25th Annual Los Angeles Marathon. Photo essay from a runner’s point of view.

Arriving at Dodger Stadium at 6am


Exhibit Photos

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I’ve been meaning to post these since last week…¬† Photos from my photo exhibit on Nov 13-14.

A special thanks to Marco/Emilie/Ash/Hector from House of Infinite Radness for hosting the exhibit at their space. And also to Brandon Morrison (aka as whyrHymer) and Bish extraordinaire Amber Gress for designing the window display and lighting.

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Art for every age! My little Sonia....

Handmade in L.A/Art Streiber.

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My bff, Brandon, aka know as “The Furniture Maker” for people who follow this blog… is featured in the December issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

Brandon invited me to tag along to his photoshoot with Art Streiber. I met Art 4 years ago when I interviewed to be his assistant (and wasn’t hired btw… thanks Art!) but I ended up assisiting him inderectly¬† when I worked as an intern at his agency (Montage) for a little less than a year. I remember one time one of the agents saw my book and she told me that she could tell that seeing Art’s work on a constant basis was influencing my work a little bit.

Art is one of the greats and someone who I know is very inspiring to a lot of emerging photographers. Being at his shoot where he was photographing my friend was a treat and a little bit of a “full circle” moment. The end result is this:

Los Angeles Magazine. December 2009.

A shout-out and thanks to Mr. Streiber!

Window display from my exhibit

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Yesterday was the opening day for my exhibit “Against Nature”. It was really amazing. My friends Amber Gress and Brandon (aka as whyrHymer) did an incredibly job helping me setup the space. Actually they didn’t help me, they did it all themselves…. I just watch them. More photos to come… but for now this photo from the window that they created for the show.


Against Nature Exhibit window disaply.

I am probably…

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I am probably going to talk a lot about my upcoming show “Against Nature” for the next 2 weeks…

This is one of the works that I will be showing:


From the "Against Nature" series

Here’s a little website that I put together to promote the show.

Pass it along (please, pretty please)


Against Nature exhibit

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I’ve barely had time to recuperate from The Furniture Maker show we had and I’m already full steam ahead planning another little show. This is dramatically different. It’s a very simple, 2 day solo show in Hollywood. I will be showing 15 cyanotypes printed in polished cotton from my series “Against Nature”. Here’s a little sneak peek…


Against Nature No. 1 Cyanotype. 8x10 (16x20 mounted). Polished Cotton.

Signed, limited editions of 5 will be available.

Come see my show!

Nov 13 and 14. 11 am to 9 pm

1639 Las Palmas, Los Angeles, CA 90028