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More images from The Advocate

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Here are the rest of my tearsheets from The Advocate shoot “Forty under 40”

"Forty under 40" issue

"Forty under 40" issue

"Forty under 40" issue

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The Advocate “Forty Under 40”

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This month’s The Advocate features their yearly “Forty under 40” list and it’s led by Chad Griffin who I had the pleasure of photographing for the cover.

The Advocate May 2010

From The Advocate May 2010

Forty Under 40: Chad Griffin

He’s aggressive, calculating, and determined to end inequality for gay and lesbian couples once and for all. This is why Chad Griffin, mastermind of the federal lawsuit against Proposition 8, is the new face of the marriage movement.

By Andrew Harmon


The Hunter Allen trail northwest of Los Angeles is the sort of low-impact hike suited for an elderly couple or a birder in search of house wrens and red-tailed hawks circling above—up to a point, that is. About a quarter of a mile in, the path veers up a barren ridge toward a series of high-ceilinged caves. It’s a steep ascent but one rewarded by a sweeping vista in a break at the summit. From here, decades’ worth of Southern…

[Read the entire article at the website]

I have other images on the magazine but my copy hasn’t arrived yet so in the meantime this snapshot from their website:

Photos: Toky Photography/Wonderful Machine

Grooming: Sundeep Morrison