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New Website, New Marathon Photo Essay, New Music Video!

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New stuff to share:

-Check out my new website!

The new

I was in the mood for something simpler, cleaner, easier to navigate and load. I -loved- my old website, but this new one navigates much better and it’s better organized. Please check it out.

-On the new site, check out my new work. There are new images in almost every section: Advertising, Beauty, Editorial, Fashion & Music. Also a new series: En Noir et Blanc. (love love love… hope you will too)

-On the new site as well, check out the new music video! (you can also see it on my Vimeo or Youtube)

-Last but not least, for all my running buddies and readers… I’m gearing up for my next Marathon/Photo Essay: October 17th in Long Beach! Cannot. Wait. So. Excited. I’m trying to make it to Chicago as well on October 10. But depends on $. We shall see.

-The Long Beach Marathon photo essay will be posted at the Spirit of the Marathon Photo Essay website on October 19th. I have lots of goodies planned for that photo essay, so stay tuned.

I hope you all had a great summer….




New Images @ Wonderful Machine

Probably the regular folk wont understand this, but as a photographer is always very interesting to see what other people choose as images representative of your work. I blogged about what images Wonderful Machine (my agency) picked to send on a mailer promoting my work recently. Now the images that represent each of my specialties on their website have been changed. No one asks you, they just do it… but that’s the best part because they are being chosen by experts who a) know what they are doing and b) have no “emotional connections” (lol) to the imagery. Anyways, totally random, but this are my new images at Wonderful Machine and… I gotta say I -love- their selections. And if those images represent how people see my work, I’m happy and I feel that who I am as an artist is getting through. And that is pretty priceless.

Main Image

Beauty Specialty

Celebrity Specialty

Fashion Specialty

Multimedia Specialty

Music Specialty

Loves it!

Web update

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The “New Work” section at TokyPhotography.comĀ  has been updated with some really cool new images.

Make sure you check them out @!

Photo: Toky Photography

Makeup: Sundeep Morrison

Hairstyling: Nikole Denise

Model: Madeleine Hammer

Wig: artstring (Hollywood boutique specializing in knit clothing, crocheted jewelry, and fiber art of all sorts located at: 1644 N. Cherokee Ave. Hollywood, CA)

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Wonderful Machine

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My wonderful peeps over at Wonderful Machine just sent me a promo they sent out of my work to all creatives. I love to see how other people see my work and the images they chose to promote it. I thought I would share it with all.

Wonderful Machine Promo

I think that Wonderful Machine, as an agency is on to something with the way they are doing things. Things are not the same in the business as they were 10 or 5 or 1 years ago. I’m happy to have my work promoted by people that are innovating in the way they do things.

Mark Salling from Glee

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Just updated the cover of my website and the music section with photos of Mark Salling from Glee. Mark is really cool and a very talented musician who writes and performs his own music. I recommend his CD: Jericho/Smoke Signals. You can download it from iTunes of purchase it from his website.

Here are a couple of outakes that didn’t make the main site:

Mark Salling photographed by Toky Photography

Mark Salling photographed by Toky Photography

Photos: Toky Photography

Grooming: Jessica Ahn

Styling: Jessica Willis for House Of Infinite Radness

Check out the behinf the scenes video of the shoot here:

Encore 01

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A sad that here at Toky Photography when we say goodbye to some work from the main portfolio/website. But now, thanks to this blog it can live forever in this space, safe from the evil editing of photo editor “bish” extraordinaire Lady Boss Amber.

One last time:

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine.

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine.

Tom Lenk, for The Adovcate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Adovcate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine

Magazine: The Advocate

Location: Interior Illusions, West Hollywood

Makeup: Jessica Ahn

Hair: Nikole Denise

Styling: Ashton Hirota

Web update

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Just updated my site with a bunch of new work. Two new series: Girls will be Girls and Part II of Sometimes Catastophes Become Trophies. New work in the music section as well. More to come. Revisions will be of course made, but for now, the new stuff is up.


My next series: “The Scarlett LetterS” and my images for Schultz Jeans in the U.K. will be on next months update. Woo-hoo!

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