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Sept 2010 Issue


Check out the Sept 2010 Issue of California Homes Magazine for a new Toky Photography tearsheet. Featuring the awesome work of Brandon Morrison of whyrHymer. I’ve know Brandon for many years and have photographed his Furniture & Lamps for a long time. His eye for detail in his furniture photos has influenced my still life and product photography and has helped me work with other designers (in different disciplines) with a better understanding of what they (designers) are after when their 3D creations/pieces need to become 2D digital images for promotions, websites, line-sheets, etc…

Aside from that, I’ve collaborated with Brandon extensively in other projects, such as the Music Videos we’ve been directing recently. Also, you might recognize him as “The Furniture Maker” from my photo series of that name. Make sure you pick up a copy of the magazine and read the article.

In the meantime you can visit his website: (make sure to check out the video section for some cool videos Brandon has made)

and you can follow him on Twitter @whyrhymer


California Homes Magazine September 2010 issue. Photo by: Toky Photography.... (Look B!, you finally made it to the "September issue"... okay... "a September issue ;-)"



More images from The Advocate

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Here are the rest of my tearsheets from The Advocate shoot “Forty under 40”

"Forty under 40" issue

"Forty under 40" issue

"Forty under 40" issue

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The Advocate “Forty Under 40”

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This month’s The Advocate features their yearly “Forty under 40” list and it’s led by Chad Griffin who I had the pleasure of photographing for the cover.

The Advocate May 2010

From The Advocate May 2010

Forty Under 40: Chad Griffin

He’s aggressive, calculating, and determined to end inequality for gay and lesbian couples once and for all. This is why Chad Griffin, mastermind of the federal lawsuit against Proposition 8, is the new face of the marriage movement.

By Andrew Harmon


The Hunter Allen trail northwest of Los Angeles is the sort of low-impact hike suited for an elderly couple or a birder in search of house wrens and red-tailed hawks circling above—up to a point, that is. About a quarter of a mile in, the path veers up a barren ridge toward a series of high-ceilinged caves. It’s a steep ascent but one rewarded by a sweeping vista in a break at the summit. From here, decades’ worth of Southern…

[Read the entire article at the website]

I have other images on the magazine but my copy hasn’t arrived yet so in the meantime this snapshot from their website:

Photos: Toky Photography/Wonderful Machine

Grooming: Sundeep Morrison

Featured on The Advocate

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Got a nice little shout-out today from the nice folks at The Advocate. Check it out.

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Newspaper front page

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A nice little birthday surprise was my photo on the front page of the Herald Tribune Newspaper (FL). I’m very excited for Syesha and her role in Dreamgirls.


Herald Tribune front page (Nov 13, 2009 issue)

Syesha’s Dress: MarcoMarco

Hair: Hector Pocasangre

Makeup: James Vincent

Earrings: Emilie Odeile

Encore 01

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A sad that here at Toky Photography when we say goodbye to some work from the main portfolio/website. But now, thanks to this blog it can live forever in this space, safe from the evil editing of photo editor “bish” extraordinaire Lady Boss Amber.

One last time:

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine.

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine.

Tom Lenk, for The Adovcate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Adovcate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine

Tom Lenk, for The Advocate Magazine

Magazine: The Advocate

Location: Interior Illusions, West Hollywood

Makeup: Jessica Ahn

Hair: Nikole Denise

Styling: Ashton Hirota

It’s the little things…

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I am a total loser for being excited about this… but hey… whatchagonnado?

iWant. First book cover

iWant. First book cover

Jane Velez-Mitchell was a guest on Dr. Phil today. My photo back on the big screen. Woo-hoo!


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Earlier this year I had the chance to photograph the mexican rock group “JotDog”. It was probably one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. They were really nice, easy to work with and total troopers. I wish them all the luck in the world with their music and they seem to not be needing it as they are #1 already on MTV and single sales. Their full album went on sale today and I couldn’t believe that 3 of my photos were on the front cover of the iTunes store (Latin America). Yay!

This is the cover they selected for their first single:

Hasta Contar a Mil

Hasta Contar a Mil

“Hasta Contar a Mil”

Photo: Toky Photography

Makeup: Sundeep Morrison

Makeup assistant: Rosie Castaneda

Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall

Hair assistant: Alina Carillo

Stylist: Cristina Costa (Clothing by Anzevino & Florence)

And this it the iTunes main page for today:

Today's iTunes main page

Today's iTunes main page

Main banner, New releases and Single of the week!

Illustrations: (the incredible) Steve Curcuru

“I want” book on sale at Borders.

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Yes, I am a loser because things like this excite me and I have to take photos of them.

"I Want" @ Borders

"I Want" @ Borders

Still waiting for Jane to send me a copy 😉

First book cover

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This was fun to shoot. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it became the book cover instead of just the authors photo on the inside jacket.

I Want by Jane Velez-Mitchell

I Want by Jane Velez-Mitchell

Photo: Toky Photography

Makeup: Sundeep Morrison

Hair: Nikole Denise

Styling: Cristina Costa

Assistant: Amber Gress

Photographed in Manhattan Beach, CA

Originally shot for The Advocate.