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Catching up…

I realize my blogging has not been as active as earlier…. I am kindarealbusy preparing a new venture that I will be able to share really soon… but in the meantime, here are some updates!

-After the “Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon” Photo Essay, the New York Daily news featured a little piece on their Running Dialogue section about my project! (read full piece)

-The latest “New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography” t-shirt is available now at Local Collection at the Glendale Gallery and online soon. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the making of:

Making shirts at Grow Your Own Media Labs...

California Home + Design Magazine

-Also…on Newsstands now the Nov/Dec issue of California Home + Design with a cover photo by yours truly + whyrhymer.

Also inside the Magazine:

-2010 Hit List: Glass Series No. 4 Lamp by Brandon Morrison

-2010 Hit List: Kalifornia Rocker by Brandon Morrison


Ready to Wear!

Something I’ve been working on for a few months since I showed my work at Unique LA earlier this year…. a collaboration t-shirt line with New Clothing Wear that features my  photographs!

New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography T-Shirt.

New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography T-Shirt.

I met Kyle who designs the T-Shirts for New Clothing Wear at the Unique LA show a few months back. I was showing my “Against Nature” Cyanotypes and decided to go around and see what the other artists/vendors had to show before the doors opened. I saw Kyle at his booth with -THE- softest t-shirts I have ever touched in my entire life… we chatted for a bit and exchanged information. Then a few months later we got in touch and since my “Against Nature” series is printed on fabric, the ball started rolling about printing other photos of mine on fabric, particularly t-shirts… and… as they say, they rest is history.

Out first t-shirt features a film strip (actual 35mm black and white film if you were wondering) that I took a long time ago.

The t-shirt is Unisex and is available in both white and gray and can be purchased at the New Clothing Wear online store. Trust me, this t-shirt is soooo soft. It’s made of Kyle’s custom made fabric of 50% modal, 45% cotton and 5% spandex. Those of you who know about fabrics can already imagine the softness. I suggest XS, S and M for the ladies and L and XL for the dudes.

This is my first collaboration with Kyle and New Clothing Wear. We have another 2 t-shirts coming out soon… and… I have yet another fashion surprise I’m working on right now that will be out later this year 😉

For now, check out our t-shirts and buy one. It’s a limited run and they will not be available for long.

New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography T-Shirt.

Photos by, of course, Toky Photography 😉

For those of you who like to try things on… and live in Los Angeles… you can pick up a shirt at LOCAL COLLECTION at the Glendale Galleria. (and soon at other local stores).

San Francisco Marathon… this Sunday.

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Make sure you stop by the blog this Sunday/Monday for a full report & photo essay from San Francisco. I’m doing another photo essay like the one I did back in March for the LA Marathon (check that one out here).

Thanks to the lovely folks at the SF Marathon for this opportunity.

In the meantime here’s a little collage of pics from the LA Marathon.

LA Marathon 2010

New Music Video

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I am hard at work editing the second music video I’ve directed. This is a totally different project than my first one (Celia, by James Bowers). I’m editing it slowly so it will be a few weeks before it’s done…. but in the meantime here are a few teaser images of “Forever” by the lovely Piper Hinson.

"Forever" by Piper Hinson

The Spirit of the Marathon

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25th Annual Los Angeles Marathon. Photo essay from a runner’s point of view.

Arriving at Dodger Stadium at 6am


More Syesha…

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Another Syesha tearsheet. This time from USA TODAY. (woo-hoo!!!)

USA TODAY, Nov 19, 2009. Life Section.

Syesha’s Dress: MarcoMarco

Styled by: Marco Morante/House of Infinite Radness

Hair: Hector Pocasangre

Makeup: James Vincent

Earrings: Emilie Odeile

Exhibit Photos

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I’ve been meaning to post these since last week…  Photos from my photo exhibit on Nov 13-14.

A special thanks to Marco/Emilie/Ash/Hector from House of Infinite Radness for hosting the exhibit at their space. And also to Brandon Morrison (aka as whyrHymer) and Bish extraordinaire Amber Gress for designing the window display and lighting.

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Against Nature Photo Exhibit

Art for every age! My little Sonia....

More photos from the Boulevard3 exhibit

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View as you came in to the Gallery Space


Left wall


Right wall


I love this photo of me and Brandon except for the fact that I look like I'm 2 feet tall. (it's the angle!!!) Photo by: David Ariaza


You can barely see it, but the flat screens around the venue were playing a slideshow of my work as well.


Rehearsals are great. All the fun and zero pressure!


Now on to the actual show!


Anne... oh Anne... to be that tall! Love her.


Ali with the girls

Though strict policy here at the Toky Photography blog to only feature work by yours truly, some of these images are from fellow photographers David Ariaza (who I hadn’t seen in ages) and Cori Alegria (who I’m glad got to hold a camera again).

One more post from the show coming soon.

* A shout-out to Carrie from Boulevard 3 for supporting the local emerging artists and all the crew at Blvd 3 for being such gracious hosts. Also Kyle for doing such a great job hanging my work.

The Furniture Maker

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This is the culmination of my Furniture Maker project that I’ve been working on for on and off since 2006. A recently added series of still life images complete the series as “Part 1” and the orginal fashion story becomes “Part 2”.

In two previous posts I talked about the behind the scenes and the logistics. This is the final product. My vision, presented to you.

On Vimeo:

Or on YouTube:

The Furniture Maker project is about the narrative experience, which blends reality and fantasy, 2d and 3d imagery, and fine art with high fashion. It harkens back to those who have been criticized in their attempt to make their stamp in the art world. Such as those who are considered commercial photographers or fashion photographers, like Richard Avedon. It’s a piece that stakes its claim on a personal vision that isn’t about one thing, beauty or couture designs. It is about blurring all of the lines between those who are considered artists and those who are merely commercial photographers. It is about the imagination and query into the darker aspects of fairy tales. It is about blurring the lines of fashion and story telling, creation and destruction, and the attempt to rise to the occasion of our personal journeys.

The video was originally made to be played this Friday at the Furniture Maker Exhibit… but… some logistics, venue issues, etc… made me change my mind about how I wanted this video to be seen. Today life gave me lemons so I made lemon meringue pie and I saved the rest to make some lemon scented potpourri!

So sit back and enjoy some pie!

And a heartfelt and never-ending thank you to EVERYONE who lent me their talent, ideas, enthusiasm, and time for this project. They are all mentioned in the credits. I heart you all.

More images from my dry run

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A couple more images from a “dry run” shoot.

Kamil from the Calypso Tumblers

Kamil from the Calypso Tumblers

Kamil from the Calypso Tumblers

Kamil from the Calypso Tumblers

The lesson: When in doubt of models pulling off complicated poses, hire an acrobat!