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Happy Winter…

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Happy Holidays to all. Below check out my new ad for Mon Atelier. It’s in the current (Winter, 2011) issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2011.


Photo: Toky Photography

Makeup: Sundeep Morrison

Hair: Joseph Orozco

Model: Sarah Bradford

*A special thanks to Ali Rahimi for picking this shot to run as his 2011 ad. Sometimes you shoot stuff for magazines or clients that is just a ‘job’ or you don’t particularly love the shot they selected, but in this case non of those things apply as I -LOVE- this shot, so I couldn’t be happier that a bunch of people get to see an ad with a photo I took, that I happen to be really proud of. The shot is part of the series En Noir et Blanc. (check it out in full at

Below a Behind-the-scenes shot from that shoot.

Behind the Scenes, Mon Atelier shoot



Catching up…

I realize my blogging has not been as active as earlier…. I am kindarealbusy preparing a new venture that I will be able to share really soon… but in the meantime, here are some updates!

-After the “Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon” Photo Essay, the New York Daily news featured a little piece on their Running Dialogue section about my project! (read full piece)

-The latest “New Clothing Wear in Collaboration with Toky Photography” t-shirt is available now at Local Collection at the Glendale Gallery and online soon. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the making of:

Making shirts at Grow Your Own Media Labs...

California Home + Design Magazine

-Also…on Newsstands now the Nov/Dec issue of California Home + Design with a cover photo by yours truly + whyrhymer.

Also inside the Magazine:

-2010 Hit List: Glass Series No. 4 Lamp by Brandon Morrison

-2010 Hit List: Kalifornia Rocker by Brandon Morrison

New Images @ Wonderful Machine

Probably the regular folk wont understand this, but as a photographer is always very interesting to see what other people choose as images representative of your work. I blogged about what images Wonderful Machine (my agency) picked to send on a mailer promoting my work recently. Now the images that represent each of my specialties on their website have been changed. No one asks you, they just do it… but that’s the best part because they are being chosen by experts who a) know what they are doing and b) have no “emotional connections” (lol) to the imagery. Anyways, totally random, but this are my new images at Wonderful Machine and… I gotta say I -love- their selections. And if those images represent how people see my work, I’m happy and I feel that who I am as an artist is getting through. And that is pretty priceless.

Main Image

Beauty Specialty

Celebrity Specialty

Fashion Specialty

Multimedia Specialty

Music Specialty

Loves it!

New Music Video

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I am hard at work editing the second music video I’ve directed. This is a totally different project than my first one (Celia, by James Bowers). I’m editing it slowly so it will be a few weeks before it’s done…. but in the meantime here are a few teaser images of “Forever” by the lovely Piper Hinson.

"Forever" by Piper Hinson


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Hard at work here at Toky Photography. This is a little teaser image from what I’ve been working during the past weeks. A music video! The finished product will be ready in a few weeks, but for now, a little teaser image.

James Bowers

Mark Salling from Glee

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Just updated the cover of my website and the music section with photos of Mark Salling from Glee. Mark is really cool and a very talented musician who writes and performs his own music. I recommend his CD: Jericho/Smoke Signals. You can download it from iTunes of purchase it from his website.

Here are a couple of outakes that didn’t make the main site:

Mark Salling photographed by Toky Photography

Mark Salling photographed by Toky Photography

Photos: Toky Photography

Grooming: Jessica Ahn

Styling: Jessica Willis for House Of Infinite Radness

Check out the behinf the scenes video of the shoot here:

New year, New work.

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Back from a brief Holiday break. I hope everyone had a great start to the new year.

On the last week of 2009 I got to work on a really cool movie project. I can’t talk about it… but I can show you some behind the scenes images for now.

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

On Location

Shooting stills, behind the scenes and key art all at the same time is super fun and I find that the actors are more into the photography aspect of their movies if done while shooting the film. Since they are already in character it’s easier for them to shoot stills and key art than to have to play the role again in a photo studio for the key art.

On a side note, I didn’t include any photos of the night portion of the shoot. This day is THE COLDEST I’ve ever been in my life. I think my shutter finger froze at some point. Props to all the actors who were just wearing their t-shirts at night. End of side note.

Behind the scenes with Mark Salling from Glee.

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or on

More to come from Mark’s shoot. In the meantime make sure to check out his website at and on iTunes as well.