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More photos from the Boulevard3 exhibit

Posted in Ali Rahimi, Boulevard 3, Exhibit, Fashion Show, If life gives you lemons, models, Toky Photography by tokyphotography on October 27, 2009

View as you came in to the Gallery Space


Left wall


Right wall


I love this photo of me and Brandon except for the fact that I look like I'm 2 feet tall. (it's the angle!!!) Photo by: David Ariaza


You can barely see it, but the flat screens around the venue were playing a slideshow of my work as well.


Rehearsals are great. All the fun and zero pressure!


Now on to the actual show!


Anne... oh Anne... to be that tall! Love her.


Ali with the girls

Though strict policy here at the Toky Photography blog to only feature work by yours truly, some of these images are from fellow photographers David Ariaza (who I hadn’t seen in ages) and Cori Alegria (who I’m glad got to hold a camera again).

One more post from the show coming soon.

* A shout-out to Carrie from Boulevard 3 for supporting the local emerging artists and all the crew at Blvd 3 for being such gracious hosts. Also Kyle for doing such a great job hanging my work.


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  1. kseverny said, on October 27, 2009 at 11:06 am

    such a cool venue. nice

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