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The Furniture Maker (Behind the Scenes) Part 2 (of 3)

Posted in Ali Rahimi, Boulevard 3, Exhibit, Outtakes, Peeps, Toky Photography, whyrHymer by tokyphotography on October 7, 2009
That's Scott

That's Scott

Continued from Part 1….

Next up was our ‘welding’ shot. This was a shot that we knew what we wanted but lots of things had to be changed last minute to get it as we envisioned. The original shoes were not high enough, thank God Amy had brought a pair of her own. The original necklace was too thin, you could barely see it in the photo. So we didn’t use the one we had borrowed from Erica Courtney, instead we did a Target run and got that one for $10 bucks (and returned it later). So because of that this is the only shot that has an outside piece of jewelry that is not from the Erica’s line who was gracious enough to lends us more than a million bucks worth of jewelry for all the different setups. Also you cannot see it in the shot as it was taken out but to get Amy’s dress to look like that we used an industrial fan, a house fan and a leaf blower. (Ali: that was Scott’s idea, not mine!). Also for that shot Brandon insisted that we use the real flame on the shot…. but of course… I was not willing to get a flame close to a 5,000 dlls dress, so the flame was dropped in photoshop later. Besides, we needed a much bigger flame effect than the one that torch puts out.

Why is my dress not flowing in the air?

Why is my dress not flowing in the air?

Also, interesting tidbit from that shoot. Our awesome model Amy Correa Bell (who is also an amazing singer-actress) can nap, sitting down, without moving at all as to not ruin her hair and makeup. She doesn’t move an inch and she’s completely asleep!

The shoots had been happening every weekend until now and at this point the crew started getting restless. I had stolen all their Sundays and I got the first “when do you think we will be done?” comments? I felt bad and disappointed but I had a vision and needed to complete it. So I let a month go by before shooting again and made sure the remaining shots were all spaced out over the next couple of months.

Cynthia, who started it all was back for her actual series shot. That shoot was a breeze. Aside from a little hair issue… (black hair is not white hair people!!! learn this lesson early on and all your models will always love you). Brandon was not supposed to be in this shot and I didn’t want to steal any more of his time, but at the last minute after having the shot all setup, Cynthia ready and being shot already I asked him to “step in” for a couple of shots. He did and that was it. The shot was completed. Phew!!!

"Shaving of the wood"

"Shaving of the wood"

After that shot because of scheduling issues the shoots kept being pushed back. But Ali called me one day and he said that the dress we wanted Della to wear, was going to be auctioned next week, so if we wanted to use that one, it had to be “now or never”.

Now then.

That was also the first shoot that Scott, our art director and set dresser extraordinaire wasn’t a part of. I know that if he had been there, he would have made that set completely different that day, but looking back, the simplicity of the shot, the empty “doll house” look is exactly what I wanted for “the final piece” of The Furniture Maker creations. Also, this is the only shot that Brandon is not in. Completely on purpose and necessary for one of the girls to make that direct contact with the viewer of the series and not “be caught”. Probably my favorite thing about that shot is that she is barefoot. Courtesy of the genius that is my friend, fellow photographer and sometimes assistant extraordinaire Amber Gress.

At Runyon

At Runyon

Now for the last shot (schedule wise) of the series, but first in sequence for the viewer, we needed a redhead. And after several failed attempts, I ended up going with a blonde and added red highlights in photoshop. You have no idea how hard it is to find tall redheads in Los Angeles!!!

That shot was our only location shot so not only do I needed to find a model, I needed the perfect location. If it had been up to me I would have shot in the woods outside L.A. but with a crew full of friends who I had already had asked too much of, I knew I could only make them go a few blocks away. So that mystery, enchanted Forrest where The Furniture Maker envisions his first creation is actually Runyon Canyon. At noon. On a really, really hot day where hikers where being airlifted because they were falling down dehydrated and where other 3 helicopters were circling around because of the Paris Hilton jail thing. The cops came and asked me for my permit. Luckily.. I had one… haha, suckas! I had a generator to power the fan, battery powered strobes, hair, makeup, models, and 2 assistants (thanks Cori!). I really love how that shot turned out. Our model Laura is so incredibly pretty and her skin is like the most delicate porcelain. She was the perfect girl to represent “the dream”.

"Are we done yet?"

"Are we done yet?"

So originally after this shot I had always scheduled a group shot. The final shot was always meant to be all the girls stored in a warehouse after the “furniture maker” was “done” with them….

End of Part 2. Part 3 coming soon.


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