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Posted in Anzevino and Florence, CD Cover, Published, Steve Curcuru, Toky Photography by tokyphotography on September 23, 2009

Earlier this year I had the chance to photograph the mexican rock group “JotDog”. It was probably one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. They were really nice, easy to work with and total troopers. I wish them all the luck in the world with their music and they seem to not be needing it as they are #1 already on MTV and single sales. Their full album went on sale today and I couldn’t believe that 3 of my photos were on the front cover of the iTunes store (Latin America). Yay!

This is the cover they selected for their first single:

Hasta Contar a Mil

Hasta Contar a Mil

“Hasta Contar a Mil”

Photo: Toky Photography

Makeup: Sundeep Morrison

Makeup assistant: Rosie Castaneda

Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall

Hair assistant: Alina Carillo

Stylist: Cristina Costa (Clothing by Anzevino & Florence)

And this it the iTunes main page for today:

Today's iTunes main page

Today's iTunes main page

Main banner, New releases and Single of the week!

Illustrations: (the incredible) Steve Curcuru


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